Evolution Cloud Email Signatures

Centrally managed Email Signatures to streamline your business.

With Evolution Cloud Signatures, you can effortlessly create and manage email signatures, legal disclaimers, automatic replies, and marketing campaigns for all users within your Microsoft 365 organisation.

This cloud-based service is compatible with all email apps and devices, including Windows, Mac, mobiles, and tablets, ensuring seamless integration and accessibility across various platforms.

Streamline your email communication and enhance your brand image with Evolution IT. 

Centrally managed email signatures

Manage email signatures & branding for your entire organisation directly from a browser.

All email apps and devices supported

Automatically add signatures to emails sent from any email app or device.

Worlds best HTML signature template editor

Customise built in templates or design signatures & disclaimers from scratch. No HTML skills needed.

Logos, Banners and social media buttons

Create fully branded email signatures to boost sales. Add social icons for easy customer interaction.

Entra ID (Azure AD) and user photo support

User information, contact details and photos are automatically included an are always up to date.

Signature in replies and forwards

Signatures are always where they should be in email conversations. No more stacking at the bottom.

Graphics embedded in email

All graphics can be embedded in emails. No more clicking download pictures in outlook.

Email marketing & analytics

Schedule automatic email marketing campaigns & track the resu

Logos, banners and social media buttons in signatures

Evolution Cloud Signatures is the solution to unlocking the full potential of your email signature. With this application, you can create sophisticated layouts that include logos, social media buttons, marketing banners, Microsoft 365 (Office 365) users’ photos, and any other branding elements you can imagine.

Evolution Cloud Signatures allows you to delegate email signature design tasks to the Marketing team, freeing up Microsoft 365 admins from this responsibility. The software also empowers you to run email marketing campaigns seamlessly.

The application comes with a built-in signature template editor, enabling you to design email signatures in HTML and plain text formats from scratch or use one of the many predefined, professional signature templates.

Images can be easily inserted and arranged in various combinations, and social media icons can be quickly added via the Social link button in the editor.

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