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Break fix services refer to a type of IT support or maintenance model where service providers respond to and resolve issues with computer hardware, software, networks, or systems as they occur or “break.” In this model, businesses or individuals typically engage with IT service providers on an as-needed basis to address specific problems or technical issues when they arise.

While break fix services provide a convenient option for addressing immediate IT issues without committing to ongoing contracts or maintenance agreements, they may not be suitable for organisations that require continuous monitoring, proactive maintenance, and guaranteed response times for critical systems and infrastructure. In such cases, managed IT services or our Pre-Paid Support agreements may be more appropriate.

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Reactive Support

Break fix services are reactive in nature, meaning that support is provided in response to issues reported by the customer. When a problem occurs, you contact Evolution IT for assistance, and we charge for the time and resources required to diagnose and resolve the issue.


Customers typically pay for break fix services on a per-incident basis. The cost of the service is based on factors such as the severity and complexity of the problem, the time required for troubleshooting and resolution, and any additional materials or parts needed for repairs.

No Ongoing Maintenance Agreement

Unlike managed services, break fix services do not involve ongoing maintenance contracts or recurring fees. Customers only pay for the support they receive when they encounter technical issues or problems with their IT infrastructure.

Limited Proactive Monitoring

Evolution IT may offer limited proactive monitoring of systems or infrastructure to identify potential issues before they escalate into problems. However, proactive monitoring is typically not a primary focus of break fix arrangements.

Flexibility and Scalability

Break fix services offer flexibility and scalability, allowing customers to engage with Evolution IT as needed and scale up or down based on their requirements. Businesses may choose break fix support for specific projects, occasional troubleshooting, or ad-hoc technical assistance.

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